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Football Federation of Sri Lanka

The Football Federation of Sri Lanka has a affiliated membership of 47 Leagues/Associations Island wide. Under the leadership of DIG Gamini Randeni our Council is represented by a member from these Leagues/Associations while the Executive Committee consists of 32 members. We have 14 committees to make policy decisions in connection with our activities with the Management Committee headed by Mr. Manilal Fernando being the main one which runs the day to day affairs of the Federation.

A total of 27 full time Management, Secretarial and Technical staff are employed by the Federation while 10 additional Technical staff work part time. The annual get-together of the staff and their families was held in December. All members of the staff were given an ex-gratia payment of Rs.10,000/= each.

Football in Sri Lanka for some reason or other never got it’s due place until recently. Earlier this game was confined to a few clubs and schools mostly in the town areas. However, at present, due to the sole efforts of our officials, players, well wishers, fans, media etc football have grown especially in the urban and remote areas where more clubs are emerging. The untiring efforts taken to develop it at grass root level had promoted many youth in schools too to play football. Although the performances of our National Teams are not much encouraging we should appreciate their commitment even with limited facilities and resources. Time should be given to them to shed their shortcomings and master the game. However the Football House and the National Training Centre at Baddegana are the landmarks of our success at infrastructure level. The auditorium, hostel and restaurant facilities of the Football House had been extended to most National Associations and Sports Organisations.

The Pavilion and the Sports Centre build at Kalutara by Mr. Manilal Fernando out of his personal funds will also be vested with us for Management.

History of Football
According to available records, football is said to have originated in England around 200 BC and has been subsequently introduced to other countries like China, Greece & Italy. History of the game in Sri Lanka dates back to the 1880 s when the country was under the colonial rule. British servicemen were supposed to have been indulging in this wonderful sport during their leisure at the Galle Face Green, bare bodied (may be to ward off the heat) which had attracted and thrilled the “Ceylonese” people at the time. Both rural and urban folks took to the game in a big way and within a short span of time football became one of the most popular sports, so much so that football teams sprang up at various levels throughout the country from schools to provincial level clubs and associations.

Football Today in Sri Lanka

Football which went from strength to strength, developed into a major sport, and the country has been able to produce some players of international standard. This is largely due to the enthusiasm of the participants and the untiring efforts of the dedicated officials.

The progress made by our National Team was evident with the team becoming the Runner up of the 26th South Asian Games held in Colombo .

Hopes for the Future
We are hopeful of brighter days ahead with a dynamic Minister of Sports & Youth Affairs Hon. Gamini Lokuge who is genuinely interested in promoting this national game. We would be failing in our duty if we do not extend our gratitude to the sponsors who came to our assistance to hold the various tournaments successfully.




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