Deshabandu Deshashakthi Dr Soma Edirisinghe
EAP Group of companies



EAP Group of companies is one of the most famous companies in the country. The primary cause of this is that its business touches the hearts of people through the medium of entertainment. It has been the most successful company in the recent past in the field of entertainment. Overrunning the conventional credence of male leadership, Dr Soma Erdirisinghe has been the driving force leading the way towards infinite success. She is the first lady who was honored as a district governor of the International Association of the Lions Club district 306C2, Sri Lanka in the year 2003/2004. In her carrier as a “Lionist” this was the greatest achievement since 1974. She has also been honored with the Deshabandu Deshashakthi title.

The EAP Edirisinghe Group of Companies was founded by late Mr. E A P Edirisinghe almost four decades ago.  He started divers types of businesses such as pawning, production and exhibiting films, manufacturing and retailing gold jewellery, hotels, entertainment and restaurants. In 1969 he also started the Finance Company Edirisinghe Trust Investments Limited.  Today ETI is one of the largest Registered Finance Companies with the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.  Its growth in deposit mobilization, asset and profits clearly proves the standing of the company.  Even after the demise of the Founder Chairman late Mr. E A P Edirisinghe, ETI continued the business lines with success. The existing business lines expanded to leasing and hire purchase, property development, construction of houses, land sales, trade finance, import and sale of brand new and reconditioned vehicles which contributed to the high turnover and profits as well as paying large amounts of government taxes. Currently more than 3000 employers are working with EAP group of companies.Dr Soma Edirisinghe entered the business era overnight with the death of her beloved husband EAP Edirisinghe. She recalls that this was the most difficult challenge she had ever faced. Before that, she was only a house wife and was not involved in any of the business her husband or her family was involved in. However, as she was an active lion member since 1974 she was well equipped in people management. Dr Soma Edirisinghe says, in her own words, “I do not give up. I focus on the work and do it consistently”.  She remembers that at the time when most of the business people around her were asking her to sell her business. Instead of becoming discouraged she started to fight back and put her self in the front line of the battle. From a management point of view, her preparation has been as follows.

Fact File


Dr. Soma Edirisinghe

Honored Titles  

Deshabandu, Deshashakthi

Family Was married to the late Mr. E A P Edirisinghe, founder of the EAP Edirisinghe Group of Companies.
Family                Married with three  Daughters

Recent Achievements

A district governor of the International Association of the Lions Club district 306C2, Sri Lanka in the year 2003/2004.

Was identified as a leading business woman in the island and  in Sri Lanka RICH LIST 2008 as one of the most successful business people in Sri Lanka.


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